Anthony Mills

Dr Anthony Mills is CEO of AfriCarbon (Pty) Ltd and C4 EcoSolutions (Pty) Ltd. The latter is a consulting business with its main focus being i) developing adaptation to climate change projects for the United Nations Development Programme in Africa and Asia, ii) conducting scientific research on carbon sequestration and soil-plant relationships, and iii) developing Clean Development Mechanism and Voluntary Carbon Standard project documents for the generation of carbon credits. Anthony's scientific background is in ecology and soil science, and he remains a consulting staff member in the Soil Science Department of Stellenbosch University, where he undertook his PhD studies. His work in the department includes managing the soils component of a large research project (BIOTA) that is investigating the effects of climate change on ecosystems from the tip of southern Africa to northern Namibia.

Anthony has examined both professionally and academically carbon stocks in several ecosystems in South Africa. The results from the Eastern Cape thicket were newsworthy: degradation of thicket by goats resulted in surprisingly large losses of carbon - up to 100 tonnes per hectare - from the landscape. In a subsequent study, Anthony and Professor Richard Cowling showed that this lost carbon returns remarkably quickly in sites where spekboom cuttings have been used to restore the thicket ecosystem. Converting soil and plant carbon into carbon credits for sale on international markets requires a rigorous scientific approach to the measurement of carbon over time. Anthony has published extensively on carbon stocks in thicket in peer-reviewed scientific journals and is bringing this knowledge to bear in AfriCarbon's thicket restoration roll-out by leading the write-up of carbon sequestration project design documents.

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Ayanda Sigwela

Dr Ayanda Sigwela is a restoration ecologist providing scientific advice on a wide range of on-the-ground restoration projects funded by the South African government's Working for Woodlands programme in the Eastern Cape. His main projects include large-scale restoration of degraded thicket using spekboom cuttings in Addo Elephant National Park as well as the Pedi communal area near the Fish River, and restoration of coastal forests using a range of different forest tree species in the Transkei. In his PhD thesis, Ayanda examined the effect of goat degradation on ecological processes in thicket, including the survivorship of thicket seedlings. After his PhD, Ayanda worked for South African National Parks as their restoration ecologist for four years. Ayanda's wealth of on-the-ground experience with nurturing ecosystems back into life will be a key ingredient for implementing AfriCarbon's vision of thicket restoration over hundreds of thousands of hectares.

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Noel Mills

Noel Mills has been involved in property, investment and finance in South Africa and internationally In 1997, Noel retired and bought the farm Rockwood in the Cederberg Mountains, where he has been farming protea flowers and buchu oils with his wife Pam ever since. Restoration of thicket on a large scale will require acumen and experience in property, business and farming. Noel's experience in all of these fields is consequently of great importance for realizing AfriCarbon's vision of large scale thicket restoration with investors and other participants.

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